Bangkok Cruise Tours and Tips

Bangkok boasts of many cruise ships as part of their numerous attractions for visitors and tourists. The historic Chao Phraya River has placed itself as one of the most sought-after destinations in Bangkok due to its breathtakingly scenic views, monumental landmarks and other scenery. Make your Bangk...

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Bangkok boasts of many cruise ships as part of their numerous attractions for visitors and tourists. The historic Chao Phraya River has placed itself as one of the most sought-after destinations in Bangkok due to its breathtakingly scenic views, monumental landmarks and other scenery.

Make your Bangkok trip a truly memorable one by experiencing a cruise tour in the famous Chao Phraya River as the highlight of your visit. Famed for romantic and enjoyable dinner cruises, several cruise tour providers are willing serve you with all their amenities, foods and excellent customer service. Cherish every moment of the night cruise with entertaining music, feast of foods and view of the famous landmarks located in the stretch of this august river. With the numerous providers of cruise tours, competitive rates are now offered to all visitors who would like to experience this extraordinary, comfortable and relaxing boat dinner in the river.

The Best of Bangkok Cruise Tours

Wonderful Pearl Cruise


Topping our line-up of cruise tours in Bangkok particularly at the magnificent Chao Phraya River is the Wonderful Pearl Cruise that will provide you with a luxurious romantic dinner. Be enchanted with Thailand as you feast with the cruise’s Thai and international buffet. Enjoy the astonishing view of the Bangkok’s landmarks along the river as you sip with your cocktail expertly prepared by their on-board world-class bartenders. Be amazed by the warm service of their crew and be serenaded with the entertainment they have in the cruise featuring local and international performers.

Wan Fah Cruise

Wan Fah Cruise

Wan Fah Cruise sets itself apart from the other cruise tours providers because of its traditional Thai boat that will really make you feel that you are experiencing the rich Thai history and heritage. Known also for keeping the traditional Thai warm hospitality and serving of authentic Thai cuisine, Wan Fah Cruise experience is dedicated to give you the ultimate Thai exotic experience. To complete the theme of a pure Thai experience, be relaxed with Thai classical music that sets the pleasantness of the ambiance of this cruise ship.


The Loy Nava Cruise

Loy Nava is one of the most exclusive cruise tour providers in Chao Phraya River. This cruise is a rice barge that has undergone sophisticated rehabilitation to meet the high standards of the guests without going away from the Thai tradition, culture and antiquity. Their first class level of hospitality will surely impress the guests during their stay in this open-air and luxurious boat. Adorned with teak carvings commissioned from expert Thai wood carvers, it complements the ship in its totality for the ship itself is made of teakwood.


White Orchid River Cruise

Also one of the most luxurious cruise tour in Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, White Orchid River Cruise is the choice for guests who prefer new cruise ships and modern facilities. While on the trip, guides are readily available to give you historical accounts of landmarks located along the Chao Phraya as you traverse the river. This cruise ship also accommodates exclusive and private parties for groups. The cruise ship has open-air and air-conditioned areas. White Orchid River Cruise is the most recommended cruise tour for people who are looking for a glimpse of historical Thailand, in a comfortable modern set-up with provisions for a good unwinding experience.


The Manohra Cruise

The Manohra Cruise is highly experienced in providing cruise tours that will give you the ultimate travel experience that you’ve wanting for. They take pride in giving tourists a five-star luxury service coupled with their top-of-the-line hospitality approach while cruising in style the magical Chao Phraya River. They have an event management unit that can offer to cater to your events and group gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, meetings and anything else. The outstanding Thai delicacies prepared by their native Thai chefs will undoubtedly delight you as you embark in this exclusive cultural dining experience.


Tips When Getting a Bangkok Cruise Tour

It must be kept in mind that all cruise tours along the Chao Phraya River originate from the River City Pier in Bangkok. All guests, tourists and visitors who would like to book cruise tours must come here as this is the embarking location for all cruise ships.


Cruise tours providers usually give free transfer of guests to and from their hotels to the River City Pier when advanced booking and reservation have been made. So it is strongly advised that you make one to make your cruise tour really hassle-free.


If you will not be availing of the transfer service provided, make certain that you will be able to get clear and specific instructions in getting to the River City Pier. If you are commuting by means of their public transportation called TukTuk, you can bargain with the fare pricing, just talk nicely with the driver.


The view of the top deck of the cruise ship is more scenic and breathtaking, so if it’s available, you can request this to your attending crew if there are still vacant seats there. Though most of the time, top deck locations are always the first ones being filled because of the demand for this strategic spot.


There are live bands and singers on-board that aside from performing at the stage or central area, also roam around to the customers’ table asking you for your favorite song for them to perform. Prepare some tipping money when this situation occurs.


Double check the food and drink inclusions in your selected cruise package especially if it’s not buffet style. Beverage especially alcoholic drinks and wines are not included most of the time in the package which means that you have to pay for it separately if you want to have some.


Bangkok cruise tours has it all whatever your preferences may be. Guests and tourist can select from a wide range of providers that offer these cruise tours from the most affordable up to the most exclusive one. Make sure that you get to experience this river cruise at the River of Kings, the Chao Phraya River. Expect to be amazed by the views, food and entertainment that it offers, making your experience a “truly Bangkok” one.

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