Planning a crazy night out in Bangkok – 12 tips for best experience

We all like to travel, to experience and get a grasp of foreign culture, discover more about the world and about ourselves. There are, however, times when we just want to rock out, simply have as much fun as possible and experience as many fun and exciting things as we can in a short period of ...

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We all like to travel, to experience and get a grasp of foreign culture, discover more about the world and about ourselves.

There are, however, times when we just want to rock out, simply have as much fun as possible and experience as many fun and exciting things as we can in a short period of time.

In Bangkok,  there is a wide range of activities to guarantee one of the wildest experiences you will ever have in your life.

Some of the things on this list are not exactly advertised to the general public for different reasons, so if you want to gain access to these places and experience them, you will have to socialize, mingle, make friends and find the right people that will point you in the right direction.



One of the many things that Bangkok is known throughout the world for is ladyboys. These are young transsexual males, however there is no need to feel uncomfortable because they also have some rather impressive and interesting artistic skills.

From singing to acting, to dancing and even exotic fighting, these ladyboys are there to entertain, and it can be quite challenging to tell that they are ladyboys in the first place.

Just make sure to leave your inhibitions and any uncomfortable feeling at the door before seeing such a show, as there is absolutely no need for them.



The Khao San Road has been made into a tourist attraction quite some time ago among young tourists due to its cheap accommodation and activities.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that many casinos, shops and vendors have sprouted all along its length.

Exploring Khao San Road can be quite exciting and entertaining, making it one of the best places to start your crazy night out from.

Just make sure that you don’t get harassed or intimidated by waiters or shopkeepers that will try and make you buy and pay more in that typical tourist trap fashion.



Tuk-tuks are pretty much the best way to go around Bangkok regardless of how you look at it.

These covered 3-wheel motorcycles are not only able to sit 3 people and zoom around the town, they are also capable of giving you one of the most fun and enjoyable rides that you will ever get in Bangkok. Things can get really interesting, scary and hilarious while riding a tuk-tuk.

Although there are also other ways of getting around the city such as by bus, skytrain, taxi, subway, none of them compares to the experience of riding a tuk-tuk around town.


  • Eat a scorpion


One thing that you will definitely notice while walking around Bangkok is the fact that there are a lot of food vendors along the streets, cooking and serving food to customers.

If you look even closer, you will find that the food varies from vendor to vendor quite dramatically.  From salads, pancakes and soups, to fried meat and even fried insects.

Not to worry as those are not your ordinary average insects, they were specially bred and kept for human consumption. One of the thing that scares tourists away is the prospect of eating a fried scorpion, which will undoubtedly give you something to talk about when you come home.

Don’t worry though, it tastes sort of like chicken.



One thing that you will undoubtedly do, even by accident, is walk into a Go-Go bar. It is a nice relaxing bar with attractive half naked women walking, dancing and hanging around.

Yes, some of them are working girls, some of them are there just to have fun, but they are all friendly and eager to have a good time.

One thing you can and should do if you really want to have an epic experience is to ring the bar bell. If you ring the bell at a go-go bar, you are buying each and every single one of the girls in the bar a drink.

Although this will end up costing you a hefty sum, it will instantly make you one of the most popular people in that bar.



These bars situated at rooftops is the place for a relaxing atmosphere, fantastic view and great drinks.

With a large variety of rooftop bars with different aesthetics and different prices, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your taste.


  • Mark yourself with a tattoo


Ever wanted to get a special Asian tattoo just like in the movies?

If the answer is yes, then you are in luck because Bangkok has some of the most experienced and versed tattoo artists that you can find.

Most tourists go home with a small tattoo as a souvenir of their time in Bangkok while some actually get their first tattoo here!



Cheap Charlie’s is one of the more historical bars in Bangkok.

Don’t expect a big old building with a lot of heritage and architectural value. Expect more of an open cart-bar sort of establishment with history dotted up all over the place with a wide variety of cultures and nationalities mingling around.

Just walking up to the bar and drinking a Chang will often spark a lot of conversations and interactions between you and the people of different cultures, often times ending up with friendships forged and more fun adventures.


  • Get a massage in the middle of the street


Thailand is famous for its massages. In Bangkok, there is even a massage academy if you are interested to study the art of massaging.

Indeed massaging is so popular and widespread in the Bangkok culture that you will not walk by any street without encountering a massage venue.


  • See a Muay Thay fight


It goes without saying as you can’t come to Thailand and not see a Muay Thay fight. This national sport is also one of the most famous martial art worldwide, and the Thais are proud of it.

So go to the stadium, grab a ticket and enjoy one of the most violent yet enjoyable experiences that you will ever have in Bangkok.



This is not just any weekend market, it is one of the biggest, most varied and most multicultural rich weekend markets on earth.

It is so big that a lot of people simply get lost in the market, only to exit at the completely wrong place and go back in again to find the right one.

Don’t worry, there is something for everyone there. You can do some shopping, grab some food and drinks and have fun discovering new items you have never seen before.



This will certainly be something that you will be talking about when you come home, dining in a pitch dark restaurant.

The staff is visually impaired and the profits go towards charities and projects that deal with visually impaired men, women and children.

The food is great, if you manage to get it to your mouth, and the atmosphere is a rather interesting one. Make your way around the pitch dark restaurant by using sound cues and feeling your way around the tables.


All in all, Bangkok has the ability to provide anything for everyone that chooses to visit it, and even if you are there to have one of the wildest nights of your life, regardless of what you are into or what your general preferences are, Bangkok will certainly have something for you as well.

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