The Best 5 Parks to Visit in Bangkok

When planning a vacation in Thailand, remember that beaches, hotels and tourist destinations listed on tourist guides are not everything the country has to offer. Sometimes, the best places to visit are those just outside the hotel window. Aside from amazing beaches and majestic temples, Thailand has...

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When planning a vacation in Thailand, remember that beaches, hotels and tourist destinations listed on tourist guides are not everything the country has to offer. Sometimes, the best places to visit are those just outside the hotel window. Aside from amazing beaches and majestic temples, Thailand has other great things to offer! These are the best public parks in Bangkok that youshould absolutely visit.

Lumpini Park

Situated in the middle of the bustling city of Bangkok is Lumpini Park, (Suan Lum to the locals). This park is a major tourist spot in the city and one of the best places to relax and enjoy nature without departing from urban life. The Lumpini is the first public park in Bangkok. King Rama VI began construction of the park in 1925, but his successor, King Rama VII completed it. Named after the place where the Buddha was born in Nepal, it is the most popular park in Bangkok. Approximately 60 hectares in size, it is one of the largest park in Thailand.


Lumpini Park is both a nature reserve and a park at the same time. Tourists can regularly encounter wildlife sprawling in this semi-forested area situated in the middle of the city. Similar to New York’s central park, it is a go-to destination for people desiring to rest their senses from the buzz of urban life and enjoy the soothing effect nature provides.

The park has a cycling track, a children’s playground and a small estuary where people can ride boats in. Perfect for morning jogs or night time walks, Lumpini Park offers a nice venue to spend your spare time in leisure and relaxation.


Lumpini Park has its own set of activities that makes it a lively place to be. Musical concerts are held in the park as part of its attractions. International musicians and the Bangkok Symphony orchestra put up occasional up concerts for everyone in the park.

Finally, the park is also a hub of Thai cuisine. Tourists can find sumptuous Thai street food in this area. Stalls of all sorts are available, peddling local delicacies ready to drown your senses with ethnic flavors.


Benjakiti Park

Next to Lumpini is Benjakiti Park. This park is also situated inside the bustling city of Bangkok and ranks among the “prettiest” gardens in South East Asia. The park consists of a large lake rimmed with a cycling and walkway adorned with all types of landscaping artistry. Benjakiti Park is the perfect destination for that romantic stroll couples dream about. Trees and all sorts of flowers line the walkways making it a sight to behold.

Benjakiti Park opened in 2004 to honor the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit. The area is roughly 21 hectares and it was once a site of a rundown tobacco company, which the Thai Royal family developed and transformed it into this amazing park.


Aside from the impressive collection of fauna, Benjakiti Park has its own set of attractions for tourists. It has two impressive fountains as its main gems. One is a Japanese pagoda fountain while the other is a man-made waterfall. Both are artistic masterpieces showcasing Thailand construction designs at its best.


Benjakiti Park is focused more on providing a peaceful place for the family or friends. This park is a great place to exercise, jog and do some cycling on its exclusive bike lanes. Visitors can also ride a swan boat and serenely float on Benjakiti’s man-made lake. Spending a few hours in this park is a must for any tourist visiting Bangkok.


Chatuchak Park

Another favorite park destination in Bangkok is Chatuchak park. Situated in the middle of Chatuchak area in Bangkok, it is perfectly situated in the midst of one of the busiest part of the city. Similar to Lumpini Park, it is a patch of Bangkok real estate dedicated to preserve the natural beauty of Thailand. The place is full of trees, shrubs and numerous flowers. It boasts a plethora of horticultural displays thus earning its place among the most beautiful parks in all of Thailand.

Chatuchak Park is one of the oldest parks in Bangkok. Built in 1975, it was a royal wish that the area was made into a park. Today, the park is one of the favorite destinations for people wanting spend a pleasant afternoon stroll.


The main attraction of this park is the massive amount of fauna it holds. An estimated 2,000 species of plants reside in this park making it a horticultural wonder. The park is also near the famous Chatuchak market, where people can get the best buys in the city.


Though the place is not as culturally active as Lumpini Park, Chatuchak is a place for picnics and outings. The park has numerous scenic areas adorned with sculptures and artistic decorations making it a go-to place for photographers. Also, the park has a unique outdoor gymnasium for those who would like to buff up their muscles in the middle of a lush botanical garden.


Suan Rot Fai Park

A stark contrast to the popular Lumpini and Chatuchak Parks, Suan Rot Fai or simply “Railway Park” to foreigners is a somewhat “hidden gem” in Bangkok. This park is situated north of Chatuchak market and a great place to wind down after a day’s work. Suan Rot Fai Park was once a golf course used exclusively by the local authorities and recently turned into a serene public park free for everyone to enjoy.


The main attraction of this park is its peaceful ambiance. Only north of Chatuchak market, a bustling place of commerce, Railway Park is a nice venue to temporarily let go of urban life and appreciate nature for a change.

The park has a three kilometer road perfect for bikers, joggers and strollers. Trees of all sorts line the road, shielding the noise of Bangkok. The park also has a lane for wheelchairs, making it a favorite for people in recuperation.


Lacking the activities of Lumpini and Chatuchak, Railway Park offers people the chance to rest. The soothing sound of wind rustling through the leaves in the cool of the day is an experience worth the trip.


Phuttamonthon Park

Last in this list is a park situated 20 kilometers west of Bangkok. Though it is not situated inside the city, it is a park that needs to be visited by tourists. The Phuttamonthon Park is a massive landscaped area with a majestic Buddha statue towering in the center. It is a place traditionally used for public gatherings, massive events and protests. The park was inaugurated in 1955, while the 15.8 meter Buddha statue was erected in 1981. It has been a center of Buddhism in Thailand and holds major Buddhist ceremonies during holy days.


The main attraction of this place is the towering statue of the Walking Buddha that dominates the park. It is 15.8 meters high and a wonder to behold. A Buddhist temple is also situated in the area, which regularly holds Buddhist ceremonies and rituals.

Aside from the Statue of Buddha, the park is also well designed and beautifully landscaped. The massive open area is a perfect place for family outings, picnics and such. The park also has food stalls providing tourists with Thai delicacies.


Because of the massive area of this park, most activities held here are major public events or civil demonstrations. However, the main regular event held here are the ceremonies done during Buddhist holidays making Phuttamonthon Park one of the major Buddhist centers in the country.


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