10 Reasons Why Bangkok is one of the best places to live in

In the global era, every country is connected in numerous ways, and there is free movement. Thailand has become one of the best options for expats. There are various reasons why the country, especially Bangkok, has become a major attraction for tourists and expats. Let us look into some major reasons...

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In the global era, every country is connected in numerous ways, and there is free movement. Thailand has become one of the best options for expats.
There are various reasons why the country, especially Bangkok, has become a major attraction for tourists and expats. Let us look into some major reasons this is a good trend.

If you ask the tourists and expats, their favorite place to settle down and live in, you would surely get a ringing answer of Thailand, from all of them. This country, especially its capital Bangkok, has become a major attraction over the recent years, owing to some very unique features of the place which people love to experience for a longer period of time. Since the tourist inflow has been so high, the country has needed professionals from all sorts of fields, to make sure that others live properly, and this is further added to an influx of people. With celebration and live ringing through the streets at all times, you can be sure that you are going to find a very good place to live in Bangkok. Here are some very good reasons why Bangkok is such an attraction:

1. Food:

Jim Jum

The one main reason people cannot leave Bangkok for any other country is the food that is available there. Bangkok stays amongst the top of the bucket list of all foodies, and that is for a good reason. In the city, you can get virtually the highest variety of delicacies (weird and regular) that you would find anywhere around the world. If you are longing for pig brain soups, Bangkok could be one of the only few places to try one of those. Besides, street food is available in serious plenty. And you get some of the best steaks in the city. The most important part is that many of the food stalls remain open for all of 24 hours every day. So you can get something to gobble up at any hour of the day.

2. Weather:

Always a nice and toasty 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature gets as high as 40 degrees in the months of March and April. This means that it could get stifling hot in the city and in the entire country. You would always need sunscreen when living here. On the flip side, you always get sun! It has been known that people in sunny places stay happier than those in darker places. So enjoy that sun, and do not fret about it.

3. Cost:

thai money
If you thought that Bangkok would be pricey for your tastes, ask someone who has lived in the city and spent some time here. Everything is reasonably priced, and that is one of the main attractions of this place. You get a nice serviced apartment for as little as $600-$1000, depending on the locality and amenities. With some bargaining and 6-month contract signed, you could slash that amount to as low as $300-$500. How is that for accommodation? And the places are not shabby at all.

4. Shopping:


It would be an understatement to say that Bangkok is a shopping heaven for people around the world. Chatuchak Weekend Market is an attraction that draws people from all over the globe, and that is for a good reason. It could make your imagination of movie come to life. With amazing shops, pet stores, live performances and some wonderful food that you can get at a market that is sprawled as far as you can see in the horizon, you are in for a treat. If you are into shopping, you would love this country of Thailand, and Bangkok in general.

5. Interaction:

This is an inhibition in the minds of most people, but you can be sure that the thousands of people living here would tell you otherwise. You can very easily communicate with the locals, who are adept at dealing with foreigners. You do not need to be very fluent in Thai language, to be able to live in Bangkok.

6. Transportation:

Although you might have heard about heavy traffic jams in the country, public transportation is a perfect solution to it. With sky train links everywhere, and tuk-tuks running all over the place, you would get everything that you want in the terms of transportation. You can even take ferries and boats to move on the beautiful waterways.

7. Attractions:

You can keep doing things in Bangkok till you pass out. You have numerous things to do including museums, exhibitions, concerts, flea markets, and whatnot in the city.

8. Safety:

Although there are some minor issues, as are present in the rest of the world, Thailand is safer than most other countries in the entire world, and that is a serious attraction of the place. You can trust the restaurant, if you leave your things outside when you go to the bathroom. It is that safe. Although avoid doing that, just in case.

9. Visa:

Getting an education visa in Thailand is very easy, and that is a reason that people get in the country at all times. You can apply for a Thai language course, and a visa would probably already be on its way. Just make sure that you are actually learning the things that you have come to learn, and you shall be good to go for the most part.

10. Society:

Almost 95% of Thai people are Buddhists, and that makes the entire country full of temples and shrines. That attracts tourists like yourself, and you can get to meet people from all the different nationalities in Bangkok. They are all there to visit the place, just like you are. And that is the beauty of building friendly relations with some of them. You can share your experiences and enjoy together.
With the above reasons, you can surely view  Bangkok (and Thailand in general) in a very positive light. If you are to have an adventure, Thailand is the best next destination that you would get.

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